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Business beyond Covid-19Strategic Resources and production capabilities

The key role of government is the security of the nation. The Covid crisis, once again tells us that the nation need to have strategic stocks AND production capabilities of essential resources.

Business beyond Covid-19Solving the Covid School building problem and many other problems!

Having a "Blue Shift" and a "Red shift" working continuous alternate 4 days could improve productivity while social distancing rules are needed in the workplace.

Business beyond Covid-19Changing the World

Changing the world is easy, it must be, I’ve done it a number of times! These are some of the tricks I use to do this.

Business beyond Covid-19Cambridge Transport vision

My vision for transport in Cambridgeshire. Just to remind people that there is a joined-up transport vision in Cambridgeshire, just not in any of the local authorities, or in even in central government!

Business beyond Covid-19Local Currencies

Local currencies can solve service provision and unemployment in a post-covid economy

The new worldCitiPods – The Future of Urban Transport

SolarPods are the future of Urban transport, solving ALL the problems of moving people in cities