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Peter Dawe is a Cambridge phenomenon. Over the 45 years he has lived in and around Cambridge he has made a massive impact on Cambridge, the country and humanity.

He has founded over 100 projects, of which 50 are still operating in some form and 50 Peter defines as a success.

Peter was the father of Internet as we know it. Taking an academic network and transforming it into a global phenomenon.

Through Resonance he has transformed the not-for-Profit sector, creating a multi-billion Impact investment sector. He promoted Northstowe, the first new town in 2 years, in the face of opposition from planners and politicians.

Peter has built a unique set of tools which enable him to achieve the near impossible, in almost any sector and at any scale. One of these tools is the ability to accept set-backs, to pause, regroup and use the set-back as a learning experience for the next attempt or project.

Peter loves his extended family and enjoys classical music, especially when performed live.

The 12 Labours of SUPERHERO Dawe

Cambridge Growth
Stop all development of offices, labs etc. until the deficit in homes and infrastructure are addressed by seeking judicial review of the planning process with regards to unsustainable plans regarding infrastructure, with particular reference to water supply.

Climate Change
To declare that all fossil fuel use after 1 Jan 2020 will be counted against your fossil fuel ration, once the legislation is enacted. This way everyone is incentivised to stop using fossil fuels immediately, not just when the legislation is enacted.
Rationing is the fairest way to allocate a scarce resource. It worked during other emergencies e.g. WWII.  Taxing merely shifts consumption from those who can’t afford the tax, to those who can!

Social Care
To build care villages within local communities that are self-funding and self-managed, using the pension funds of the clients to pay for the build, and pensions to fund the care.

To develop a “desirable” SolarPod single person electric car and to deploy it ubiquitously across Cambridge and other urban centres.
SolarPods are zero emissions, zero CO2, that increase the capacity of urban roads by a factor of 4. Being personal transport, they take people directly to their destination, and can be parked in gardens and use 1/8th of the space of a car. Costing less than £2,000 each and legal for 14 year olds. They are inclusive and a solution to all of the challenges of urban travel.

Community Transport
To enable communities to provide their own shuttle and commuter bus services through the use of self-drive mini-buses.

To recreate the Mutual movement to enable us to move our savings from banks to institutions that are operated in our interests. A “Cambridge Provident Society” bank would ensure our savings are recycled into the Cambridge economy, supporting Cambridge people and businesses.

Rough Sleeping
To give homeless free access to sleep-pods, that ensure rough sleepers are warm, dry and secure at night, and provide secure and dry storage for their stuff during the day, whilst removing the street “litter” of cardboard boxes and sleeping bags.

To expand the Jubilee project under Elizabeth Way bridge to 40 beds.

Safe Parks
To deploy sharps disposal units where ever needles are found.

To build a wash barrier to protect the Cambridgeshire Fens for at least an additional 50 years.

"Ely International Art Fair"
Set up and make Ely the year round destination for the purchase of pre-loved art, in the same way Hay-on-Wye is for second-hand books.

Taxi sharing
Setup taxi sharing lollipop markers at rail stations and other taxi hubs.

How to build a Sleep Pod

Stepped Instructions - Coming Soon


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My Mission


It seems that these days politicians have become all too good at talking and not so good at doing.
You only need to take a look around at the current state of affairs to see what all these "words" lead too.... 

My background and actions speak for themselves.

It's time for a doer, not a talker.

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New SUPERHERO Projects in Progress


Exoshock is a global economic model that plots Food, Water, Energy, Capital and demographic information. The model can be used to both predict the future, and to test how best to respond to critical world events.

Beat the Bear

Beat the Bear is a project to design and implement a model self-sufficient community in a rural location. Eventually this will be home of 1000 people.

Wash Barrier

Sea level rise and storm surges puts Cambridgeshire is at risk of catastrophic flooding. Only SuperHero Dawe can save us, by building a barrier from Hunstanton to Skegness, which pays for itself in electricity and saves Fen and Wash ecosystems.


Peter Dawe, The Cambridge Superhero wants to fix even more intractable problems:

If you don’t fix something, it stays broken!

4 Day Working Week

  • 20% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 20% reduction in traffic
  • 3 day weekends
  • Lower office and factory costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Everything open when you are free

SolarPods For All Cambridge 6th formers

  • Safer than cycles
  • Inclusive mobility
  • Zero emissions
  • Zero cost of use
  • Reduction in congestion
  • No school run
  • Cheaper than road construction

Innovative Transport System

  • Road rationing
  • North Cambridge cable car
  • On demand shuttle minibuses
  • Taxi sharing 

Happy & Sustainable Society

  • Changing the social narrative to one of happiness, rather than consumption
  • Building a safe society, rather than policing an unsafe one
  • Rebuild family and community values, rather than destroy them

Cambridge Housing Crisis

Rebalance Cambridge by building homes before workplaces

Elderly Care Crisis

Building self-funding, self-managed community care villages

Solve The Banking System

Recreate the mutual funding model of co-ops and building societies, where your money is used for your benefit rather than banks

Global Warming

  • Carbon rationing
  • Ration at source and at consumption
  • Permits to prioritise essential services
  • Build wash barrier to protect Cambridgeshire from sea level rise


Over the last 40 years, Peter Dawe has repeatedly made the world a better place by doing near impossible things, all of which were done without any legal powers nor taxpayers’ money, and mostly against an obstructive political establishment.

Some of SUPERHERO Dawe's transformational projects include

  • PIPEX – transformed society, through pioneering the Internet
  • FLUTE – broke the International Telecom oligarchy that kept Internet prices high
  • INTERNET WATCH – protecting the vulnerable from misuse of the Internet
  • CAMBRIDGE NEW TOWN – built Cambridge New Town, providing 10,000 homes in a sustainable way
  • THE JUBILEE PROJECT – a Cambridge homeless project to help the most vulnerable
  • PIVOT – changed benefit system to release to release 2 and 3 bedroom houses occupied by a single occupier to be used by homeless families
  • IMPACT INVESTING – transformed the not-for-profit sector by inventing “Impact Investing” which is now a global $500,000,000 sector
  • THEATRE – The Peterborough New Theatre rescued from conversion to flats, now re-open and showing West End shows on a regular basis
  • THE MALTINGS CINEMA – rescued a community cinema when it needed to replace its projector with a digital one
  • SUNFLOWERS – transformed the care of children with fragile health by providing a care home that feels like home, rather than keeping them in the hospital
  • CAMBRIDGE TV & RED MEDIA – provided the people of Cambridge with community access to TV and radio
  • CAMBRIDGE TV SCHOOL – providing hands-on media training for young people
  • CAMBRIDGE ELECTRIC TRANSPORT - providing e-cycles hire to Cambridge commuters to reduce traffic congestion
  • EXOSHOCK - established the factors about the likelihood of societal breakdown across the world 

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